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Register your trademark through IP attorneys, without stepping foot in an attorney’s office.

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December 2014 - July 2015

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Product Strategy, Visual Identity and Branding, Web App UX/UI Design

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The Story

Bill, Kevin, and Randy needed a brand and online platform to transition their in-person trademark registration services into a streamlined digital offering.

Anyone can file a trademark application online through the USPTO, but the application and process are quite confusing if you’re not an attorney.

Trust Tree is a simplified and attorney-guided service for anyone who wants to file a trademark online, but doesn’t want to step foot in an attorney’s office.

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Defining the audience, understanding their problem, and offering a service to solve that problem

Our first priority was to make sure we were all in agreement about who the target customer was. Together, we created assumption personas based on common elements that in-person customers shared, as well as behaviors and thought patterns of those who tend to use the online trademark registration services offered by competitors.

The average business owner's experience with the trademarking process varies so much that it made sense to break the service up into levels (we called them packages) based on how much hand-holding a customer prefers. We modeled this structure after TurboTax, as users can self-select the desired level of help they receive when filing taxes online. Multi-tiered pricing also lets Trust Tree price anchor against themselves, rather than the competition.

Trust Tree Storyboards

We storyboarded the entire user experience from the first point of onboarding, to actually signing up, completing a trademark form, events that occur during that application process, and maintaining a trademark over time.

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Visual Identity, Branding & Tone

The logo needed to be strong, memorable, and simple to begin building a brand for this new startup. The design behind the Trust Tree logo signifies trust and growth, as derived from the name, through the symbolic combination of a tree and key.

We established that the tone used through all communications need to represent the brand in a friendly and educational way, by using helpful, plain language.

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